Europauniversität Flensburg Prof.Dr.habil. Wolfgang F. Schmid
 Europauniversität Flensburg           Prof.Dr.habil. Wolfgang F. Schmid

Dreamed out

 If a priori represents a metaphysical congruence with the physical, then nature does not need a creator god in order to come into being. Only the play of chance with the smallest particles creates the world.


The natural network thus created contains memorable combinations, but these dissolve again as soon as their carriers die. If such carriers are bound to living beings, they also dissolve together with them to form new combinations.


If a physical existence can continue to exist after death, then there must be a metaphysical template that guarantees the repetition of the same thing after death.



However, such a template of pure information is not possible in view of the all-encompassing alternation of creation and decay, i.e. in view of continuous change.



Eternal change and transformation oppose such metaphysical visions... No repetition of the same thing arises from that which passes away! Eternal life is a contradiction in terms.